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HR Essentials and Leadership

Join other small business owners on June 29th for a rapid-fire HR primer in the morning, and leadership essentials in the afternoon. In the morning, learn the essential elements for your business, secrets to faster, higher quality hiring, understand the impact of dynamic, effective onboarding, and learn how to conduct productive, less stressful performance management.

In the afternoon, learn how to improve team communication, align your employees’ behaviour to your corporate values, effectively navigate conflict, and how to become a better coach. You’ll also discover how to better engage your team and build the culture you want to create in your business.

Attend either one, or join us for the full day. Registration deadline is June 22nd.

I'm a Circle, You're a Square

Why does Sam need to know every detail of a project? Why does Cheryl need to collaborate with the team before she can make any decisions? Why is Tanya always trying to take over your meetings? Why does Tim spend half his day chatting about everything but the work that needs to be done? Your team is made up of people who are wired differently and if you or your team doesn’t understand these dynamics, it can lead to a lot of frustration and lost productivity. This workshop may feel fun and light-hearted, but it delivers a big punch for positive results! When your team learns to communicate in ways that honour and appreciate each other’s distinct styles, the way your team works together will change for the better!

Customers First!

Customer service is everyone’s priority isn’t it? After all, without your customers you don’t have a business. But does everyone on your team understand the principles for creating an exceptional customer experience? Are they all on the same page in how it’s delivered? Are they clear on your standards for great service? If your customers aren’t raving about the experiences they have with your company your team may need a customer service primer. This workshop will give everyone on your team a common language and a consistent understanding of what it means to deliver WOW service and hold each other accountable for making every day a “Customers First” day.

Thriving in Change and Transition

The ability to adapt to change is one of the most important and sought-after competencies in today’s workforce. Change is constant and large and small businesses alike need to be agile and quickly adapt to changing consumer trends, local and global economics, supply and demand, workforce changes, and technology. That’s a lot for employees to manage; add organizational and/or staffing changes, new business directions and changing company dynamics and you can have a stressed out team! This workshop provides tools and strategies for not just surviving change, but actually thriving in the midst of transitions.

I’m a New Supervisor! Now What?

One of the most difficult dynamics in the workplace is a team member’s promotion to supervisor. Suddenly their relationships with former co-workers changes. They have new responsibilities and things are not the same. Often people are promoted because their leadership potential has been recognized, but rarely are the provided with training that helps them understand how to supervise others. The first time in a supervisory position can be like working in a mine field. This workshop assists first-time supervisors with understanding their new role and builds confidence for navigating the potentially challenging dynamics that may result. Full of practical tips and leadership principles, this workshop will prepare your budding leaders to be successful in their new role.

Developing Exceptional Leaders

Growing great leaders takes time – it’s an investment you make in your people and your business. Leadership is complex and multi-faceted. Some people have natural leadership tendencies, but most great leaders have learned how to lead well. Managers are not necessarily leaders – and knowing the difference is the first step in becoming someone others will want to follow. This workshop introduces leadership principles that will help emerging leaders learn what it means to be a true leader, and offers existing leaders the opportunity to refresh and strengthen their existing skills. Invest in your team’s leadership potential and support those already in leadership. You’ll notice a difference in almost every area of your business.

Customize! Combine and deliver training that meets your business needs.

If one of these programs doesn’t exactly meet your needs, pick and choose elements of existing programs to create a custom workshop that hits all the training points you want to deliver. Or, we can work with you to create a program that addresses your business priorities right now. Call us at 250-661-2908 or email to talk about your training needs.