Leading your team encompasses using your leadership style to create a vibrant and engaged culture and deliver on your organizational goals. Our job is to get to know you and work collaboratively to reach those goals.

Whether you’re creating HR strategies to recruit, engage and retain your team, or you’re coaching and leading to develop strong performers and future leaders, what you bring to the table determines your organization’s success. We value your unique gifts and strengths and will support you in engaging your team to bring their A-game to work every day. Facilitating and supporting your leadership growth and development is what keeps us jazzed about what we do.

We’ve worked with small and medium-sized businesses to build best HR practices so their systems are compliant, manageable and supporting their awesome teams. We also work with organizational leaders and middle managers to strengthen their leadership skills. Where there’s strong leadership, HR problems tend to take care of themselves. We’d love to be part of your journey!

Motivate. Inspire. Change the game.

Ingrid Vaughan has spent her career working with and for small businesses in an HR management capacity. She brings a simple, customized approach to HR management that creates peace of mind around the most common elements of HR and provides business owners with tools that help them manage their teams in a powerful and effective way. With a Masters in Leadership, Ingrid is also passionate about growing and developing leaders at all levels in an organization. She created the Smart Leadership Academy to grow leadership confidence and competence, creating inspiring managers and leaders who contribute to their organizations in an impactful way.

Ingrid brings leadership, professionalism and creativity to her work and is committed to creating exceptional employee experiences and being a resource to organizational leaders.

What people say about working with me!

We have had the privilege of working with Ingrid Vaughn from Smart HR on our last two hires.  She has also been instrumental, as a consultant, in defining and building our culture.  She very quickly understood what matters to our company and delivered beyond our expectations.  Smart HR has quickly become a trusted business partner and adds great value to our business.  We would highly recommend Ingrid, and Smart HR, for anything HR related.”

Victoria ShannonHansbraun Investments Ltd.

“Smart HR’s Coaching and Team Leadership workshop was an engaging, full day of management skills training.  Ingrid answered all our questions in a way that allowed us to feel confident about the content being delivered and excited about integrating this new knowledge into everyday practice. She is a true leader and I appreciated what she delivered in this workshop and value what I am taking forward in my leadership role.”

Kim DillonWorklink Employment Society

“A dedicated, knowledgeable professional, Ingrid provides clear, usable tools for managers to more effectively work with their teams. She is a seasoned trainer and easily engaged with our team with helpful insights as issues arose. Ingrid’s commitment, ability to quickly engage team members and assist managers with staffing issues are exceptional.”

“I’ve worked with Ingrid while I was building my business in the fitness industry. She was absolutely my rock as I navigated the challenges of hiring, managing performance, training my staff, and creating an engaged team. She helped me ensure I had all the processes and systems in place to manage my staff and provided a calming perspective when I was flustered with the challenges of running the business and dealing with “people” issues. Ingrid demonstrated a high level of integrity, wisdom, compassion, and knowledge that was invaluable to me as I grew my business.”

“Ingrid is creative, professional and a pleasure to work with. She demonstrates strong leadership, a positive attitude and a genuine concern for the well-being and success of her clients. She worked diligently to provide excellent service to members of the WestShore Chamber of Commerce. Any work she undertakes for clients will be done with diligence and professionalism.”

“Ingrid exhibits exceptionally high integrity and is an absolute joy to work with. Nothing is too much trouble in her pursuit to deliver exactly what is required for her clients. She is conscientious and delivers first-rate service.”