Christmas Newsletter

We typically send out a different type of newsletter at Christmas time, focusing on business in the year ahead. But this year I felt compelled to share some recent, more personal experiences, in the hopes that they might resonate with some of you – my clients... read more

Productivity While Working From Home

How we as Canadians, and indeed, citizens of the world, have experienced COVID-19 are vastly different, intertwined, and connected. We are all dealing with loss on a large scale: loss of income, loss of livelihood, loss of loved ones, loss of normalcy. We have all... read more

A Change of Leadership (in Mind)

There was a time when leaders were revered and respected for being sharp and competitive, even ruthless, in the pursuit of their organizational goals. As long as they delivered results, accountability was not necessary, and many a company ran into trouble because of... read more

Top 4 Leadership Skills to Positively Impact Your HR

Joe just got notice for the third time in less than a month that another employee was quitting. He felt frustrated that he’d be hiring again. Later, he had to have a performance conversation with Sally, who was lagging in meeting her sales quotas. Yesterday, Joan and... read more

Professional Burnout

It’s 9:00 a.m. and John is reviewing his lengthy to-do list. For months he’s struggled with fatigue and lethargy, unable to maintain the mental focus and physical energy his small business requires. He is forgetful, misses deadlines, makes mistakes, is easily frazzled... read more

Make Care a Culture (or Count the Cost)

Sarah is an Admin Assistant at ABC Tech. She’s had a tough year with health challenges and difficult family situations. In spite of having used all her sick days, her doctor suggests she needs more time off. She has spoken with her manager about what she’s... read more