The key to business success is a wholistic look at all aspects of your HR program. A healthy, strategic approach in all six critical areas of HR management create the foundation for retaining key performers and attracting great talent. It’s never been more important to focus on the things that create great workplaces to set your business apart.

HR Toolkit

From policy manuals to bullying and harassment compliance, My Smart HR will work with you to get all the essential HR documents and processes in place so you can get rid of all the HR “to-do’s” on your list and stop worrying about what might go wrong. We’ll ensure you have everything you need so your HR processes hum along and you can get back to business!

Performance Management

What if you could spend less time on annual reviews and managing poor performance and more time engaging your team to be high-level performers? We’ll help you build a dynamic performance management process that helps you get the best out of your team.

Recruitment and Hiring

In addition to performing a job function, hiring is about finding someone with the right attitude, mindset, and personality. We will build a sustainable hiring process that can easily be implemented every time you need to hire and significantly increases your capacity to find the best fit, every time.

Training and Development

We will work with you to create a sustainable, meaningful training and development strategy that aligns with your business budget, goals, and culture. Developing your team is a retention strategy that will pay big dividends.

Culture and Engagement

A highly engaged and productive team is focused on company goals, committed to your values and eager to learn. We can help you build an awesome culture and close-knit team, improving customer satisfaction and leading your business toward growth and profitability.

Team Dynamics

Would you like to level up your team’s engagement, increase productivity and improve team interactions? TeamSight is a scientifically proven psychometric assessment that predicts default behaviours with exceptional accuracy. By recognizing their default behaviors and gaining awareness of how those behaviors influence themselves and others, your team members can perform at a higher level. Contact us about facilitating this interactive process with your team.