SMART HR delivers ready-to-go programs complete with comprehensive participant workbook and resource materials tailored to your business needs and industry.

We deliver fun, dynamic training your team will remember and apply in their job roles.

HR Essentials and Leadership

Join other small business owners for a rapid-fire HR primer and leadership essential elements for your business, secrets to faster, higher quality hiring, understand the impact of dynamic, effective onboarding, and learn how to conduct productive, less stressful performance management.

Learn how to improve team communication, align your employees’ behaviour to your corporate values, effectively navigate conflict, and how to become a better coach. You’ll also discover how to better engage your team and build the culture you want to create in your business.

Coaching & Team Leadership

Perfect for managers or business leaders looking to improve their coaching and leadership skills. Learn how to really listen, ask better questions, and increase engagement on your team. Get practical tools to improve your leadership skills and assess how effectively your team is functioning.

Inspiring Performance Management

Managing your team’s performance can be daunting, time-consuming process that employees dread almost as much as their managers do. Is there a more effective way to get the best out of your team? Learn some best practices to not just motivate, but inspire your team.

Hands-on Hiring Clinic

Hiring can be a time-consuming challenging process that doesn’t always guarantee the best outcome, and it can be costly when things don’t turn out. Learn and practice the most important things you need to know for making great hires in this hands-on “clinic” style workshop.

Retaining Your Best Employees

Finding great talent can be difficult, but KEEPING that talent is even more challenging as they are easily lured by companies who offer them what they want. It may surprise you to learn what’s really important to your employees and what it takes to keep your best people on your team.

Customize! Combine and deliver training that meets your business needs.

If one of these programs doesn’t exactly meet your needs, pick and choose elements of existing programs to create a custom workshop that hits all the training points you want to deliver. Or, we can work with you to create a program that addresses’ your business priorities right now. Call us at 250-661-2908 or email to talk about your training needs.