Strong managers are the key to employee retention, engagement, and healthy workplace culture. Managers motivate and inspire their teams, execute on strategic goals, and perform at a high level. It makes sense that strong managers will have a big impact on your bottom line.

Why invest in your managers?

The Smart Leadership Academy focuses on helping participants hone their people-management skills. It’s a six-month cohort-based program that includes formal instruction, facilitated group activities, peer support and applied workplace learning delivered in an engaging, relaxed learning environment. Leadership growth and development is enhanced by one-on-one coaching and structured accountability. 

“In an era where employees have lots of job options, strong managers must see their employees as people, not just workers with a dollar sign. That simply won’t fly, especially with the younger workforce. The future of work demands that we put people at the center of every organization by encouraging them to bring their whole selves to work. Inclusive leaders lead from the heart, understanding that people cannot separate themselves into pieces that belong in different slots. Managers who support the whole person when they come to work every day and lead alongside, not above them, will reap the results of a stronger culture, higher retention and productivity, and personal accountability.”


– Ingrid Vaughan

Here’s what you’ll gain from attending the academy:

Part 1   –   Leading Self – Learn how to lead from a place that reflects who you are, not copying someone else’s style
Part 2  –   Leading Teams – Learn new strategies, tools and models for effectively leading your team
Part 3   –   Leading Organizations – Maximize your leadership skills to have the greatest impact on your organization

The next Academy begins in January 2020. Reserve your space now!

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